Oscars To Allow All Winners To Give Live Speeches Thanking Advertisers

Image credit:'Oscar Statuettes' by Flickr user Prayitno license CC By 2.0.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences has backed down on its plan to replace winner’s speeches with advertising breaks in the categories of cinematography, editing, makeup & hairstyling and live-action short following a huge backlash.

“On reflection we have decided that these worthy awardees, together with all the other winners, can give live speeches thanking our advertisers.”

Though it’s always a struggle to fit everything in, the Academy now insists recognition of artists must take precedence.

“This year’s winner for Best Cinematography will get to give his heartfelt thanks to Doritos, General Motors, and Charmin Ultra Soft live during the broadcast after all.”

The members of the Academy wanted to express their gratitude to the likes of Brad Pitt and Martin Scorcese for making them rediscover their integrity.

“As a community that venerated and protected Harvey Weinstein and his kind for so long, we had much integrity to lose. So we offer our thanks to you, and to General Mills for their excellent range of breakfast cereals.”

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