Overworked Spellcheck Feature Causes President Trump’s Phone To Blow Up

There was a minor security incident in the White House today after a small explosion was traced to the President’s smartphone.

At first the blame was placed on the battery given the highly publicized stories about Galaxy Note phones exploding before their withdrawal.

But on closer examination it became clear the problem with not the battery, but an excess of heat due to overworked CPU cycles, which was confirmed by the manufacturer.

“The CPU in his device is simply not designed to withstand such a high volume of poorly spelled tweets.”

The problem originated when an intern showed Trump how to turn on the spellcheck feature for his twitter app, instead of misspelling his tweets and then quickly deleting them after the inevitable public outcry.

To address the problem the company is providing a custom POTUS phone that will use additional heat sinks to handle the excess load.

“Or he could just learn how to spell properly like most fifth graders do.”

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  1. did he ever graduate from kindergarten or family paid for his diploma?

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