Paul Manafort Assures Family He Has Foolproof Plan To Get Presidential Pardon

After being convicted and sentenced to 47 months in prison, former Trump aide Paul Manafort has assured his family that he will not rot in prison.

“It doesn’t matter what I’ve done, kids, because a Presidential pardon covers everything.”

Manafort kept how he plans to persuade the President to grant clemency close to his chest, leading his wife to wonder what hold he might have over Trump.

“He’s a smart man so I’m sure whatever it is it will work.”

He has asked his family to keep their nerve for now, as Manafort said he couldn’t get the pardon straight away for logistical reasons they need not concern themselves with.

“It may take until late November to make it happen, but happen it will.”

But White House aides determined to protect the President said they would not allow Manafort anywhere near him.

“Paul’s wasting his time if he plans to dress himself up as a turkey, because we’re wise to that trick ever since General Flynn turned up here covered in feathers saying ‘gobble gobble’ over and over.”


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  1. President Trump’s former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, sued the special counsel on Wednesday and asked a federal court to narrow his authority, escalating Republican efforts to discredit an investigation that has stretched longer than the White House expected.

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