PBS To Replace Flagship NEWSHOUR Program With FAKENEWSHOUR

As an organization that believes news reporting should be about more than more than chasing ratings, the Public Broadcasting Service has decided to reconfigure its nightly news program NEWSHOUR, which will shortly cease production to be replaced by a revitalized nightly program called FAKENEWSHOUR.

“At PBS we pride ourselves on substance and reporting the news that has meaningful consequences and which informs people’s decisions. As the last election has proven, that news is now fake news.”

PBS President and CEO Paula Kerger said it is time to move on from the so-called classic era of news casting dominated by figures like Walter Cronkite and the generation of anchors he inspired – who are now understood to have been hopelessly narrow-minded in that they were only interested in news events that had actually occurred, displaying little to no interest in made-up events that are often far more exciting.

“Today’s news consumers are much more savvy, and are prepared to accept news that not only may not have happened – whatever that may mean – but which may also be physically according to the laws of science.”

PBS FAKENEWSHOUR is set to begin on January 20, just in time for the Inauguration of President Donald J. Trump.

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