Pelosi Offers To Fund Impenetrable Wall Around White House

Following President Trump’s announcement he was ready to compromise, Nancy Pelosi has said she was also feeling in a conpriming mood, and is prepared to grant funding to build a wall to protect the United States from the White House.

“We must make it impregnable because they are not sending their best. Not by a long shot.”

Pelosi insisted she wasn’t doing it on the cheap or interested in passing off a beachable fence in place of a solid reinforced concrete wall.

“It must be at least 40 feet above grade with watchtowers and extend deep into the ground to prevent tunnelling. The risk of anyone breeching it is simply too high.”

Chuck Schumer did not hesitate to get on board.

“We must build this wall, because what lies behind it is an offence to basic decency.”

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  1. You are out of mind Rep Pelosi. This is all you can think about being paid with tax money. You should work for the people and not your party interest. How about retiring and let the younger generation take over for the benefit of the American people.

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