Pence Issues Rare Rebuke To Trump “Lay Off My Pussies”

Vice President Mike Pence delivered an atypical criticism to his direct superior today after President Trump suggested that bringing pets to Washington D.C. was “low class” – the Pences brought two cats with them as well as a rabbit and a snake.

“These are two pussies you’d better lay off if you know what’s good for you.”

While Pence has endured numerous humiliations at Trump’s hand, which is regarded as par for the course with this administration, the veiled attack on his precious cats was too much.

“There’s more class in one of my cats’ claws than you’ll ever know, lard-ass.”

Pence’s impassioned reaction is thought to be motivated in part by the fact that one of his treasured felines died since making the move to the nation’s capital, though Pence stressed that all his animal friends are equally precious to him.

“Insult the rabbit and I swear to God I’ll cut you.”

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