Petulant Child Objects To Being Compared With President Of The United States

A self-described petulant child is fighting back against what he says are unfair and offensive comparisons with the President of the United States, after it happened yet again when a video attacking CNN appeared on twitter.

“By repeatedly calling President Trump a petulant child you associate me and people like me with his actions, which is a grossly unjustified.”

While the youngster admits to regularly throwing hour-long screaming tantrums when he doesn’t get his way, he says these are necessary to explore boundaries as part of developing a mature mindset.

He emphasized that, unlike POTUS, he only ever engages in them when it’s absolutely clear that national security and the unity of the country are not going to be put at risk.

“I have also never advocated violence against the media, since an independent press free from intimidation is a vital part of a functioning democracy.”

He also takes issue with being associated with Trump’s alleged misogyny, most recently expressed in a vulgar tweet directed at Mika Brzezinski.

“To my great shame it’s true that I have accused women of having cooties in my past. But I soon realized it was wrong and apologized unreservedly.”

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