Pittsburgh To Accept 400,000 Cleveland Refugees In Grand Humanitarian Gesture

Refugees being processed at the David L Lawrence Convention Center (Image credit: 'Cleveland Browns Fan Fest' by Flickr user Erik Drost license CC BY 2.0)

(Pittsburgh, PA) The Peduto administration has announced it is proceeding with plans to accept almost half a million refugees from Cleveland. The Major decided it had to be done after completing a personal tour of the failed city.

“I could not live with myself otherwise.”

Peduto has appealed for sympathy for the refugees, saying they are simply seeking a better life than the one they have in the hellhole they find themselves in.

“The squalor and sense of hopelessness there is beyond description.”

But he’s expected to have a hard time convincing regular Pittsburghers to back the plan, many of whom expressed concerns that the refugees will not integrate but keep to themselves in tight-knit neighborhoods.

“Yinz better not engage in that kind of behavior here n’at.”

Then there’s the fear that many of those being resettled may not be genuine refugees at all, but NFL migrants seeking a better football team.

“We can’t let everyone in who’s suffering from a terrible football franchise as there simply isn’t enough room to accommodate every Browns and Jets fan.”

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8 Comments on "Pittsburgh To Accept 400,000 Cleveland Refugees In Grand Humanitarian Gesture"

  1. God are people idiots. That is a statement, not a question. I honestly did not think that people of my hometown were smarter than this. IT IS A JOKE PEOPLE

  2. Myrna and Marilyn, are you two trying to be the stupidest people of the day? Breakingburgh uses obviously fake stories to make funny points but you two are a little too dull to get it, it appears.

  3. Keep voting for your democrats they will break you !

  4. They need to be properly vetted lol!

  5. The plan is to integrate all aspects of society and to slow the inbreeding that has turned most of the city to a horrible black and yellow color,five year plan.

  6. more burdens for the taxpayers to keep we have homeless people of our own and homeless veterans who fought for our country living and dying on our streets and no jobs for our own what is wrong with u we don’t want them here take them home with u if thats what u want it is not acceptable this is wrong won’t vote for Peduto again

  7. We should take care of our homeless people first! What is wrong with you? Who is going to house and feed these people??? We don’t have jobs here for our own people! Won’t vote Peduto again!!!! Shame on you. Send them back!

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