Pittsburgh Descends Into Civil War Over Firing Of Evening News Anchor

(Pittsburgh, PA) The situation in Pittsburgh is being described as critical after the firing of a high-profile news personality pitted city residents against one another. Outspoken former WTAE anchor Wendy Bell, who was fired after a week of controversy about a blog post, has a large public following that easily outstrips that of other local news personalities. Though people quickly took sides on social media over her dismissal, initial damage was limited to FB friends lists being purged of those who did not share the account owners pro- or anti-Bell position.

Then Bell herself commented on her firing, referring to ‘action being needed’ and ‘war-torn communities’ in the context of existing violence. This was unfortunately misinterpreted by her followers as a call to arms to rectify the injustice of her firing – by force if necessary. Pro-Bell forces began by occupying SouthSide Works, which contains Pittsburgh’s only Cheesecake Factory restaurant, already an iconic site in the foundation story of the insurrection.

There followed a call to all loyal Wendy-ites to demonstrate their support by visiting the area and spending their cash in its many bars and restaurants. Service industry workers of African-American lineage who are employed there describe the development as a mixed blessing.

“On the one hand business is way up and I’m getting lots of tips and compliments from these new customers. On the other hand it feels slightly condescending and I’m pretty sure none of them want me dating their daughter.”

The Hot Metal Bridge was closed off to prevent the civil disobedience spreading to the University district of Oakland. But as pro-Bell forces moved down Carson Street, they took advantage of the fact that the 10th Street Bridge was still open to launch an offensive to take Downtown. This was quickly opposed by those who agreed with her firing, leading to open street battles centered on the City-County building.

A reporter from rival station KDKA that is located in the midst of the fighting describes the situation as nothing less than a full-scale Civil War.

“Being that this is Southwestern PA, both sides have access to powerful guns and large quantities of tannerite, making them better armed than many belligerents in wars between sovereign nations.”

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  1. A fascinating discussion is definitely worth comment. I do think that you ought to publish more about this subject, it might not be a taboo matter but typically folks don’t talk about these topics. To the next! All the best!!|

  2. There’s certainly a great deal to know about this topic. I love all of the points you’ve made.

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  5. Wendy Bell has every right to speak what’s on her mind, she’s not a racist, she’s trying to get people to talk about a bad thing & wonder why nothing is being done about the killing of those people that were shot.

  6. I read this and laughed ’til I hurt!!!! It’s a must read!!!

  7. The young African American in article stated the business is better and tips are great. Then ends with but none of them would want me dating their daughter. We are referred to as “privileged whites” but able to accept our tips. But it was racist for Wendy Bell to pay a compliment to a African American service worker. I would of thought the young man in above article would have definitely not accepted his “white Privilaged” customers tips..thought maybe he would feel as if he was getting the tips from being their slave……see, it’s only racism when it suits you…..no matter what color you are…

  8. I’m pretty sure that I live in a right to work state. What that means is if I don’t like something about you I can fire you weather it be your clothes or your attitude or your views on life. Does not matter it’s not up to you why you are getting fired it’s up to your employer. And you can also be fired for your haircut.
    If you break the rules of your employment then you should be fired.

  9. David Tresky | April 1, 2016 at 10:31 pm | Reply

    Wendy who? And why was she eating at Taco Bell?

  10. As a person in city limits that does care about this issue. You have no right to speak for anyone but yourself. BTW your comments are racist , makes you another human we could do without

  11. This is obviously satire, because no one within the city limits gives a care about Wendy Bell or her plight, this is the kind of stuff that interests suburban white trash idiots, at best. It’s over people, move on…the lady is a privileged and terrible human; we are better off.

  12. As someone pointed out this past week, the problem was asking newscasters to write Facebook posts that made them look like real people. In the good old days, no one knew, wanted to know, or cared what, say, Walter Cronkite had for dinner, watched on TV, or considered to be his favorite band. He just read the news. Period. WTAE got burned by asking its crew to be folksy and real, with no standards of what that actually means.

    In contrast, Breaking Burgh knows satire and the image and story above are great. Those that take this blog as more than satire, are as bad as the news stations who think their hosts should do more than just read copy off the teletype, I mean, monitor.

  13. Free speech is not the issue here. Of course she has free speech, but there can also be consequences to free speech. You cannot yell “FIRE!” in a crowded theater unless you are willing to accept the consequences that go along with exercising your ‘free speech’. You can wear a t-shirt that says anything you want it to say, but if you are a public school teacher, it might cost you the job. Newscasters sign a behavior clause that basically says they will not say or do anything that will jeopardize their employer. It may be in the fine print, but it is there. Her supporters are all giving up watching WTAE. There is another faction of our population that will give up WTAE if she is not terminated. Newscasters are also to deal with facts. They cannot ‘solve’ a case that the police have not yet been able to resolve, including the description of the perpetrator. Whether or not you feel her termination was justified, it is a done deal. I’m sure she has learned to live with it and move on. We should do the same.

  14. This has to be an April Fools Joke, right????

  15. Local news sucks. They don’t do any hard-hitting reporting. I guess that’s why they are doing local news because they are not good enough to work for a National network. Who cares about weather and traffic every 10 minutes that’s what your smart phone for.

  16. JBS from Bell | April 1, 2016 at 8:26 am | Reply

    Wendy (and you and I) have every right to voice our personal opinion. I happen to agree with her opinion. Unfortunately, she voiced her’s as an employee and newscaster for WTAE. Her job was to report the news and not editorialize.

  17. Doesn’t free speech matter anymore, I hope Wendy Bell gets a new job that’s much better and wtae realizes what they did. I and many will not be watching anymore.

  18. WTAE ARE CRAZY they are going to loose a lot of ratings, I for 1 have blocked their channel until they come to their senses and rehire Ms. Bell, this is STILL THE USA FREEDOM OF SPEECH PEOPLE. WAKE UP OR GO DOWN WITH NO RATINGS, YOUR CHOICE! !!!!!

  19. Oh please, meeting at the Cheesecake Factory, protest like normal people do right in front of Wtae…..spend all the money younwant, blacks of course will be un appreciative and make the “dating your daughter” comment, everything is race with them if you hadn’t noticed…pathetic!

  20. LauraShipley Demchak | April 1, 2016 at 6:07 am | Reply

    All people are entitled to their opinion. I believe wendy Bell was voicing her opinion. I could go on and say the wording on your t-shirt has offended me and then go off and cause a whole big stink like this has. They ought to have a deserted island, called Isle of Offended and send them all there. Then the offended people would live happily ever after,,,, because no one but offended people would be together. Just my opinion of which I am entitled

    • Yup. You’re right. And someone else is also entitled to fire you if they feel that your opinion doesn’t fall in line with the general policies of the place that employs you, particularly if you’re supposed to be an unbiased media person. So there’s that.

  21. Too sensitive, more important issues to dwell on. She has a right
    To her opinion. Just like everyone sled on the FB!

  22. Tired of the race card already. Why don’t they put energy into building each other up instead of always pointing the finger in blame…which is usually misdirected.

  23. JBS from Bell | March 31, 2016 at 7:45 pm | Reply

    …”these people” is the kind of attitude that got Wendy fired.

  24. If these people are treated nicely they call it condescending. Seems no one can win. How does this relate to dating someone’s daughter??

  25. The Cheesecake Factory remark is racist. You’re fired.

  26. White people going to Cheesecake factory? That’s racist. You’re fired.

  27. JBS from Bell | March 31, 2016 at 5:59 pm | Reply

    …doing my part as a proud resident of Bell Township.

  28. You’re kidding me right, don’t believe any of this crap..move on Burghers. I don’t watch the media..

  29. Mike Buzzelli | March 31, 2016 at 3:17 pm | Reply

    White people gather at Cheesecake Factory. Of course! Where else would they go?! Brilliant satire as always.

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