Plan To Sacrifice Select Group Of Seniors For Common Good Draws Widespread Support

Calls for seniors to accept death as an acceptable price for recharging the economy as fast as possible have been roundly and properly derided, but a new plan inspired by President Trump and Lt. Gov. Patrick’s despicable idea is attracting widespread support.

“We have found a variant of this approach that can work, and work well.”

Under the new plan, a far smaller number of seniors would be encouraged to end their lives with the goal of improving the lot of all Americans.

“If a certain select group of seniors were to meet their demise somehow, it would clearly benefit the country according to all our predictions.”

Conveniently, all of the seniors earmarked to perish are located together in Washington DC. Early polling suggests the plan would prove very popular.

“Most people heartily approve of it even before we have explained what the resulting benefits would be!”

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13 Comments on "Plan To Sacrifice Select Group Of Seniors For Common Good Draws Widespread Support"

  1. Bob Centinaje | March 30, 2020 at 3:53 pm | Reply

    It is far from happening. Only when the government leader allows this coronavirus to continue longer reaching 50 % of American population have contacted the virus should this matter be brought up for discussion. Only sick and corrupted govt leaders will pre-planned such ungodly announcement that has been discussed among themselves in previous years. One reason would be after learning that they have misused and fail to safeguard the Social Security Funds. Otherwise ridding seniors has no relevance to relate it to this CORIV-19 problem is being use to cover up the loss of funds. It is a very obvious contempt that should be investigated shortly after this CORID/19 crisis.

  2. People it is Fake, Satire…..and the group that they are suggesting in the article is all the elected officials in the house, senate, and congress in general!!!!

  3. Donald Vorwald | March 26, 2020 at 2:49 am | Reply

    If this is true. Then they should be the first to do it they all are a bunch of old son that need to go and shoot them self and we would jump for joy

  4. I will gladly go into the coronavirus oblivion if Trump and McConnell lead the way.

  5. I knew Spanky was a heartless SOB but, this is even beneath him. The one’s who approve of this BS most are seniors themselves. They should volunteer to be the first to make the sacrifice. When one digs a hole for someone else be sure and dig one for yourself bs KARMA is a B.

  6. People!!! Read the LAST line…this IS SATIRE.

  7. This is Pathetic and Demising.Trump should be the first Togo!!!piece of shit !!!! Another Hitler..I am Appalled

  8. Maureen L Sullivan | March 25, 2020 at 6:02 pm | Reply

    He is another Hitler. Any life is expendable! So much for the conservative Christian belief that all life is sacred!!!

  9. Trump and his cronies are seniors. Good plan, lol

  10. No. This is sinful. No no no.

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