Police Arrest Black Panther Movie For Smashing Box Office

Millions of comic book movie fans were disappointed this weekend to find the Black Panther movie they had tickets for would not be showing as scheduled owing to its being taken into custody by police.

“We’ve had reports that a young physically imposing black movie was smashing box offices in this vicinity, and have apprehended a suspect.”

This is despite a spate of previous smashings of box offices by white comic book action movies in the area without any arrests being made, according to avid moviegoers.

“I think we all know what’s going on here.”

Police defended their actions, saying they have witnesses who say the Marvel film has pulled in millions of dollars. Community leaders expressed skepticism at the explanation.

“Just because a black movie is generating large amount of cash, doesn’t automatically mean it’s breaking the law.”

Activists see a double standard at work, and fear other black movies are likely to be pulled from local screens, even if they come nowhere close to breaking anything.

“Don’t think we’ve forgotten what y’all tried to do to Moonlight.”

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