Polio Charity To Take Back Mitch McConnell’s Legs That His Family Didn’t Pay For

A polio charity in Georgia that provided years of treatment to Mitch McConnell as a toddler, sparing him from paralysis, has announced it will be taking back his legs.

Though not government funded, the charity benefited from the active involvement of FDR, himself a polio victim, at its founding and helped those families like the McConnells that were too pathetic and witless to help themselves.

“Those legs are the product of the generosity of hard-working Americans who we know the grown-up Mitch McConnell would agree shouldn’t have had to support the wretched children of failures like his parents.”

The charity, whose modern day representatives McConnell refused to meet with to discuss the current restrictive healthcare bill he is spearheading, will remove the limbs in the coming days.

“We need to make this right, as those non-paralyzed legs must be a constant painful reminder to the Senator that he benefited from treatment his worthless no-good mother and father couldn’t afford. How painful a reminder his legs must be of what despicable excuses for people they were.”

They expect the Senator will be pleased to undergo the amputation given his adamant opposition to any form of societal health-care such as the kind the parasitic scum that spawned his sorry ass took advantage of.


6 Comments on "Polio Charity To Take Back Mitch McConnell’s Legs That His Family Didn’t Pay For"

  1. Elliott Shevin | May 29, 2019 at 8:08 am | Reply

    Isn’t he holding up funding for the amputation?

  2. Actually he has no real under-standing of any health legislation and thus no real legs to stand on. His refrain of that’s a “no” folks is due to those legs not really belonging to him. They will have to shorten a lectern just for him when them legs get sawed off.

  3. Priscilla Smith | October 22, 2017 at 12:36 pm | Reply

    More hypocrisy. Shame on him for not understanding the needs of people unable to afford health care for their children just as the needs of his own parents. Wonder what his mother would think of him now. Having had polio myself, I’m so thankful for the March of Dimes and President Roosevelt even though I did not benefit from Roosevelt’s Warm Springs as McConnell did!!!

  4. Dear Sir
    I am applying for the position described, to facilitate taking Mr McConnell’s legs back since his parents were such losers they didn’t pay for his treatment. I have a table saw and Skilsaw with which I am quite handy. I’m sure I could do a good job and I’m sure Mr McConnell wants to rid himself of the shameful poverty and deadbeat parents he had as a young boy. Please contact me right away because I’m sure we can find a mutually agreeable time.Sincerely yours, xxxxxxc

  5. Elizabeth Bianchi | July 1, 2017 at 3:20 pm | Reply

    Did he actually call parents witless, worthless pathetic parents for inability to pay for his health care? OMG!!! These people in the WH are monsters! Especially chosen by the toddler in chief to run this country!

  6. Can I help if so please let me know I can use a chain saw rather well

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