Pornhub Warns White House Someone Is Streaming Their Content During Work Hours

Internet streaming site Pornhub has alerted the White House that someone in the building is streaming content from their servers for hours at a time during the workday.

“We feel it’s our duty to let you know one of your people is not taking their job seriously.”

Though the adult entertainment provider generally likes to maintain its users privacy, they said a higher principle operates in this case.

“Someone has been afforded the great privilege of serving in the White House at the President’s pleasure, and all they want to do is watch porn and beat off.”

President Trump reportedly thanked Pornhub for conveying the information, and said he would discretely handle the matter personally.

“I wouldn’t want to publicly embarrass the horny young intern responsible.”

7 Comments on "Pornhub Warns White House Someone Is Streaming Their Content During Work Hours"

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  3. Executive time?

  4. It’s Trump himself. No formerly good-looking 71-yr-old obese manchild is going to give up sex. And since he’s too visible to take on another extramarital lover, this is what he’s been reduced to. While Kellyanne blows him.

  5. Janice niemeyer | February 7, 2019 at 11:44 pm | Reply

    It is probably Melina getting her grove on.

  6. Are we sure it’s an intern and not him?

  7. Thats what happens when the President is not the ADULT in the room and allows all his kids to do as they wish with no CONTROLS.

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