President-Elect Biden Appoints Nelson Muntz To Lead White House Transition Team

(Wilmington, DE) President-in-waiting Joe Biden is wasting no time as he continued to make a number of important appointments today, including selecting the person who will lead negotiations with the Trump administration to ensure a smooth transition of power in the White House

“I am very pleased to announce my good friend Nelson M Muntz has agreed to take on this critical role.”

Biden is hopeful Muntz is the right person to impress upon disappointed Trump officials the reality of the situation.

“What I admire most about Nelson is his ability to succinctly convey the appropriate message in difficult situations.”

Muntz comes to the role well-prepared, with over 30 years of secondary school experience and a deep understanding of the typical Trump official’s mindset. Reached for comment about what he would say at the first meeting between the sides, Muntz would only hint at it.

“I think you know the answer to that very well.”


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  1. Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy on Thursday stood firm in rejecting President-elect Joe Biden’s victory over President Donald Trump. Most television networks and media outlets called the race for Biden on Saturday. The Democrat has secured at least 290 Electoral College votes, surpassing the 270 required to win the presidential election, but Trump still hasn’t conceded. Instead, the president, accusing Democrats of stealing the election, has filed a series of lawsuits in several battleground states.

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