President Trump Awarded Nobel Prize For Gullibility

(Stockholm, Sweden) In a surprise announcement, the Nobel Committee has revealed it has awarded President Donald J. Trump the Nobel Prize for Gullibility, which it said was decided the moment the US-North Korea summit between Trump and Kim Jong-un was cancelled.

In the citation, the committee recognized Trump’s ability to display gullibility of the highest order on the world stage, culminating in his being ‘totally taken in’ by the deceptive antics of the North Korean leader.

The citation also acknowledges the collective gullibility of the millions of US voters who put Trump in the White House, and says Trump will be collecting the award on their behalf also.

“If anything, their wholesale acceptance of false promises from a modern-day snake-oil salesman masquerading as a man of the people who’ll bring coal back was an even more impressive feat of gullibility than Trump being played by North Korea.”

Former president Barack Obama was among the first to send President Trump his congratulations.

“I always felt uneasy about receiving my Nobel Prize, but this one is without a doubt very richly deserved.”

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