President Trump Awards Himself Purple Heart After Stubbing Toe In Vietnam

The press pool aboard Air Force One has been granted a special photo op with President Trump who wanted to show off his new purple heart that he awarded himself for injuries sustained ‘In Country’ while attending a summit in Vietnam.

Describing the incident that led to the commendation, Trump said it occurred during his recent ‘tour’, when he misjudged a staircase and propelled his foot into the riser of the next step.

“It got pretty hairy on that staircase, I kid you not.”

Trump said by rights it should have been his second purple heart, as he sustained an earlier injury during an aggressive handshake with Kim Jong-un.

“But that’s okay. One is enough.”

The Commander in Chief added that he was very much looking forward to Veteran’s day, now that he was ‘one of them’.

“I may even brave a bit of rain to attend some events – if my PTSD isn’t acting up, that is.”

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