President Trump Begs Forgiveness For Brief Dalliance With Moral Decency

With tears streaming from his eyes, President Trump asked for forgiveness this evening from the White Supremacy movement for straying from the path when he flirted with moral decency by issuing a statement condemning them.

“It was for less than 24 hours but that’s no excuse – I should never have betrayed your trust.”

Though Trump fought against it for two days in the wake of events in Charlottesville, he eventually succumbed to temptation to see what being an upstanding human being was like.

“I didn’t care for it at all. It meant nothing I promise.”

David Duke, speaking on behalf of all American racist Nazi White Supremacists, said he had personally listened to the Commander-in-Chief crying over the phone asking to be taken back.

“Despite his brief transgression, I can see we clearly mean a lot to him and accept that it will never happen again. All is forgiven.”

He also commended the President for the very public declaration of his love in the Trump Tower lobby.

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