President Trump Briefed About Dangerous Threat Trolling USA On Social Media

At a National Security Briefing this morning, the heads of the various Intelligence Agencies attempted to inform the President about a dangerous entity who is trolling America on social media.

The threat is said to have tens of millions of followers on Twitter, including many here in the United States, that are being intentionally riled up with half-baked accusations and inflammatory comments about world events.

The briefing started out well, as the President seemed genuinely concerned about what was described as a grave threat to democracy, however he regrettably lost interest after a while. Though meant to be private, a partial transcript of the end of the meeting has been leaked:

“Is it Kim Jong-un? I like the guy but he’s trouble.”

“No, Mister President”

“Does it involve the Chinese?”

“No, Mister President”

“The Russians?”

“Sort of. With all due respect, Mister President, it’s—”

At that point Trump became bored with the briefing and dismissed everyone as he had something important to do involving his smartphone.

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