President Trump Launches GoFundMe Campaign To Pay For Border Wall

Facing stern opposition from the Mexican Government and Congress over paying for his border wall, President Trump today announced a brand new plan to cover the costs – via a GoFundMe campaign.

In the campaign, the full description of which is ‘Border Wall & Spiritual Journey Fund’, Trump is asking for 30 billion to fund the construction of a 1,989 mile-long permanent barrier along the US-Mexico border.

“They’ll be lots of updates. Believe me.”

As part of the project, Trump promises to embark on a spiritual journey across America with multiple stops in giant aircraft hangers and sports stadia, during which he will give back by having it documented on YouTube and by the world’s news organizations.

As perks for those giving, $5 will get you added to the Trump 2020 Campaign List, while a donation of $400,000 or more comes with a complimentary six months’ membership* at the Mar-A-Lago private resort.

Donations may be tax deductible for people who bother with that sort of thing.

*Access to privileged dining tables next to National Security crisis meetings extra.

10 Comments on "President Trump Launches GoFundMe Campaign To Pay For Border Wall"

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  2. #17“BTW, I am in no way a conservative Republican. I am an anarchist, but these guys are saving our a**…at no small risk to their own.”Clot– not surprisingly, I disagree. The Repubs who are against this are taking far less risk politically than the people who are supporting it. It is easy to demonize wall st; it is much harder to explain to ordinary americans how wall st is connected to them

  3. BE careful of scammers. I HAVE FOUND 3 GO FUND ME Trump wall so far.

  4. Nothnig I could say would give you undue credit for this story.

  5. Poster,The military made their decision to stand aside only after OUR president called for Mubarak to step down in favor of his Muslim Brotherhood pals.

  6. Inltnligeece and simplicity – easy to understand how you think.

  7. If this Go Fund Me page is real, why is a link not provided. I could not find it by seaeching Google or the Go Fund Me page !!

  8. Not happening

  9. Thank you Nick for stepping in.I get most of my inspiration from the Bible.Dave I am truly sorry the way you feel, if it was your workthat had inspired me, I would of given you credit.I have also looked at your site and your models and renders are fantastic and far beyond what I could do.

  10. Beth Mattson-Hinzelin | February 26, 2017 at 2:06 pm | Reply

    You are out-doing yourself these days! Inspired!

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