President Trump Orders C-SPAN To Pick Up Cancelled ABC Sitcom ‘Roseanne’

In a first for the US executive branch, a sitting President has ordered the cable channel C-SPAN to pick up a TV show cancelled by one of the major networks.

Saying he could not let this “fine fine show about American values” go off the air, President Trump ordered the channel to pick up the rebooted sitcom ‘Roseanne’, which had been abruptly dropped from the schedule by broadcast network ABC for some reason.

Though some questioned whether Trump has the authority to order the network – which is run as a non-profit to show the workings of government to the public – to do his bidding, Trump implied it might meet the same fate as a certain Syrian airbase if it didn’t.

“You either pick-up the show or I’ll pick up the phone and order some strikes.”

Show creator and lead, Roseanne Barr, said she  is delighted at the news, especially since Trump is promising her full creative freedom to do the show as she pleases, without any interference.

“I have some great plot-lines in mind and I think he will be very pleased with the result.”

2 Comments on "President Trump Orders C-SPAN To Pick Up Cancelled ABC Sitcom ‘Roseanne’"

  1. God bless this country!!! We have gone so far away from His teachings!

  2. I never liked her the first time, trash is trash.
    C span was created to air the congress for the people…it should be illegal to have the pres order them to show a commerial sot com of dubious quality
    Roseann and the dumpster express the worst of Americans human nature.

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