President Trump Pays Tribute To Herman Cain “He was a great HUD secretary”

(The White House) President Trump took time to pay tribute to Merman Cain today after learning about the sad demise of the pizza mogul and former Presidential candidate from COVID-19.

“He was a great HUD secretary.”

Trump also lauded Cain’s prior career as a world-class neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins.

“Nobody could separate twins like he could.”

The President concluded by posthumously thanking Cain for his service in his administration, saying he would be very hard to replace.

“With Kanye running his own campaign now I don’t know where to turn.”


6 Comments on "President Trump Pays Tribute To Herman Cain “He was a great HUD secretary”"

  1. I think this whole site is satire. “Merman Cain”??? Dead (no pun intended) give away.

  2. You know that’s not right

  3. Why in the hell are you posting fake news?!!! Your credibility is shot all to shit you know!!! Just stop it!!!

  4. Oh poor Debbie.

  5. You dumbasses don’t know the difference between Herman Cain and Ben Carson! Geez! Talk about lousy reporting!

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