President Trump Picks Roseanne Barr To Fill Supreme Court Vacancy

In a surprise twist President Trump has announced his unlikely pick to sit on the United States Supreme Court in place of Justice Kenndy who is stepping down.

“It will be my pleasure to have Justice Barr serve on the court for many years to come.”

In response to charges that she has no experience in constitutional law, or any other type of law, Trump said he is fully confident in Roseanne’s qualifications.

“Roseanne has decades of experience presiding over the Connor family, experience that is far more relevant to real Americans that being some bookworm.”

Trump said Ms Barr was happy to accept, as she has recently become available.

“My understanding is that she just lost her current employment, so the timing couldn’t be more perfect.”

He added that he expects the Senate to promptly confirm his choice, which will be his second appointment to the court.

“You accepted Neil Gorsuch, so Roseanne should pose no problem for you.”

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