President Trump To Undergo Complete Physical Performed By Dr. Nicholas Riviera

The White House has confirmed that President Trump will undergo a medical evaluation this coming week to address concerns that he has health problems.  The thorough physical will be performed by a Dr. Nicholas Riviera.

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Dr. Riviera, who is quite well know to a large segment of the population, is said to be the perfect choice to evaluate the President given his long history of treating obese males with a fondness for watching TV and not working too hard. Reached for comment today, Dr. Riviera appear to be in good spirits about his upcoming duties of national importance.

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Riviera, who trained at the Mayo Clinic Correspondence School and well as completing residencies at a number of South American or maybe Caribbean medical facilities, is reputed to be a versatile physician who has performed many types of operation, including some, he amusingly imparts, on himself.

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When asked whether he would also be performing a mental fitness evaluation of the President, Dr. Riviera appeared to cite doctor-patient confidentiality.

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  1. Doctor with gloved hand could possibly find the 30000 emails after all

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