Protests Grow After Iceland Imposes Trump-like Ban On Pineapple As A Pizza Topping

(Reykjavik, Iceland) A protest movement is gathering steam in Iceland in response to President Guðni Th. Jóhannesson’s recent ban on pineapple as a pizza topping. The shocking edict was laid down abruptly by the President of the small Nordic nation during a recent visit to a school.

The ban appears to have been hastily put together without any outside consultation or thought for the disruption it would cause. The government quickly put out a statement emphasizing that it was not a wholesale ban on pineapples, only their use on pizza – but many say this is just an attempt to normalize extreme beliefs.

“What about apples? I don’t see any talk of banning them on pizza even though their use as a topping is considered far more objectionable by most people.”

Protests are being organized online using the hashtags #NoBan and #NotAllPineapples, with demonstrations to take place in Reykjavik tomorrow. Marches will also be happening throughout the State of Hawaii in the United States, where the ban is being taken very personally.

The questions of whether President Jóhannessoneven has the authority to implement such a ban targeting a single fruit is unresolved and is currently being fought out in the courts, with the potential for a full-blown constitutional crisis looming.

Though supporters of the ban say it is in Iceland’s national interest, some government employees are leaking that it is based on little more than the personal prejudices of the President and his closest advisors.

This was further confirmed via a rogue twitter account believed to be run by staff inside the government who have access to high-level late night meetings but are secretly opposed to restricting pizza toppings.

“All they ever order are mushroom pizzas, and maybe one pepperoni if they’re feeling adventurous.  But that’s it. ”

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