Putin Calls Trump To Congratulate Him On Not Being Found Out

President Trump has spent the day receiving calls congratulating him on being cleared by the Attorney General of charges he colluded with Russia following the submission of the Mueller report to the DOJ.

One of the first callers was Russian Premier Vladimir Putin.

“I always believed you behaved entirely appropriately, Donald.”

Putin said it was no surprise to him that Trump was exonerated.

“How could they find otherwise when there was no collusion? Unfortunately I am unable to wink down a telephone line. We should use Skype in future.”

Putin ended the call by suggesting that they ‘not collude’ again during the 2020 Presidential election.

1 Comment on "Putin Calls Trump To Congratulate Him On Not Being Found Out"

  1. The two megalomaniacs virtually fist-bumped on the “Red” phone.
    (Come on, peeps – all your satire is meant to be laughs for liberal lemmings?)
    I spent way too much time during business trips in Pittsburgh, #QuakerSteak & Lube, Monongahela – and I hung out with non-libs all over, even around U of PA

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