Putin Shares Secret For Evading Special Prosecutors “Kill them *before* they indict you”

President Trump got an opportunity to continue his bromance with President Putin in person today as they met in Vietnam as the APEC conference. Both decked out in resplendent matching blue shirt, Russian President Putin said he had a secret trick to evading Special Prosecutors to share with his new buddy.

“You make sure you kill them *before* they file charges against you. Not after because then it’s too late – though still fun.”

Putin admitted he has never faced a special prosecutor himself as he always had anyone killed before they were formally appointed; an opportunity he says has now passed for Trump.

“Don’t feel bad though, Donald. You are still new to this game. But I know a quick learner when I see one!”

The Russian leader said he also has a very effective way to avoid others already facing prison time from turning on you, which he was only too happy to share with his American counterpart.

“Ask them nicely not to give you up. Joking! Obviously you kill them too, together with their families.”

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