Queen Denies Wearing LeBron James Jersey Is Dig At Trump

Royal watchers expressed surprise today at the Queen Elizabeth’s latest outfit, a canary yellow coat and matching hat, accessorized with a Lebron James Lakers jersey.

When asked for comment, Buckingham Palace said there was no hidden message behind the outfit, and that Her Majesty layered the basketball jersey on top because she felt it was lacking something.

“Prince Harry had a brand new No. 23 jersey knocking about and she said that’s just what I need to compliment my coat.”

The Queen has been known for using her attire to make a statement, such as when she wore a hat reminiscent of the EU flag after BREXIT, and a broach given to her by the Obamas when receiving Trump.

Trump has recently accused the Queen of keeping him waiting during his visit, when video-graphic evidence suggests otherwise.

Nevertheless, the Queen denied this was in any way a dig at the President of the United States, who is currently engaged in a dispute with Mr. James.

“One is merely a fan of the wonderful King James for his prodigious skills with a basketball.”

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  1. Her majesty wouldn’t look like that but Trump makes a big idiot of himself without help from any one

  2. I sooooo LOVE THE QUEEN.

  3. That picture is obviously fake.

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