Queen Makes Former Ambassador Who Called Trump ‘Inept’ The Duke Of Obvious

As a reward for his steadfast cabling of information back to the UK Government about the state of American politics, the Queen today conferred a further Royal title on Sir Kim Darroch, who recently stepped down from his post.

“I hereby make thee the Duke of Obvious.”

In addition to describing President Trump as ‘inept’ Darroch’s secret cables also mentioned he was ‘incompetant’ and ‘insecure’. Royal watchers commended Her Majesty on an excellent choice of dukedom.

“The Shire of Obvious is certainly apropos.”

The former Ambassador will now be entitled to be refered to as His Royal Highness, the Duke of Obvious, especially when he is about to make a pronouncement on the character of the American President.

“We are hoping the Duke of Obvious will offer his insight into Trump’s honesty too when he has the time.”

Darroch joins the previously appointed Earl of Obvious who earned his title when he said BREXIT was a ‘really stupid idea’.

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1 Comment on "Queen Makes Former Ambassador Who Called Trump ‘Inept’ The Duke Of Obvious"

  1. Or to give him his Royal Army rank: Captain Obvious!

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