Queen’s Dog Stepping Back From Being A Full-Time Royal Pet

Image credit: 'Queen Elizabeth II' by Emilio Esbardo via Commons license CC BY-SA 4.0.

In a further blow to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, one of her dorgis has announced that it intends to redefine its role as a royal pet in order to spend more around public fire hydrants. Buckingham Palace was said to be blindsided by the announcement, which was made via the dorgi’s popular twitter account.

“Her Majesty is not best pleased.”

There are signs the dorgi has planned this for some time, as it emerged the animal had trademarked the phrase “Fit For A Canine King” in what is believed to be part of a plan for launching a brand of tinned dog food.

“It would be one thing if the dorgi simply wanted to leave and be adopted by someone else, but it seeks to continue to enjoy going for runs on the grounds of the Queen’s estates.”

Such a half-in half-out arrangement has never been attempted by a pet in the Royal Household, and is not being well received by some members of the public.

“You’d think a dog would be more loyal.”

However the Queen has asked for a quick solution to be found that could serve as a template for the future.

“Should one end up with a litter one needs to consider how those young pups will live their lives in this modern age.”

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