Race Heats Up As Joe Biden Seeks To Distance Himself From Joe Biden

Image credit: 'Joe Biden' by Flickr user Marc Nozell license CC BY 2.0.

With the race for the Democratic 2020 nomination for President heating up, former Vice-President Joe Biden today increased his efforts to distance himself from the other candidates, and, most importantly, Joe Biden.

“A vote for me will not get you the same old insider Democrats, like that awful Joe Biden.”

Biden said he would be stealing some gaffes from Joe Biden becasue ‘everyone likes those’, but otherwise he will have nothing to do with him.

“Can you believe some of the things Joe Biden has done? You won’t see Joe Biden doing those things – other than when I did.”

Biden also tore into Biden’s enthusiasm for being overly physically friendly, saying it risks being inappropriate.

“You need to keep Joe Biden at arm’s length. I know I am.”

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