Rain Caused Me To Think Airports Were A Thing In The 1700s Says Trump

President Trump has explained his curious assertion that the Continental Army took airports from the British during the Revolutionary War.

“Rain caused the teleprompter to fail and also caused my brain to think airports existed over a hundred years before the first aircraft.”

He claims people are overreacting to his ad-libbing when his prepared speech was unavailable.

“At least airport, though unsuitable in this context, is a real word. I could have started talking about covfefe.”

He would also like some credit for not veering off into explicitly partisan rhetoric.

“That took some effort, and part of me feels you wish I had, even the Democrats.”

Voters of all persuasions confirmed it was one of his works speeches ever.

“Any conventional politician could have delivered that. What a waste.”

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  1. With minimal doctoring, editing, and photoshopping he can deep fake that mess into a slick campaign video which would be fine with him since taxpayers had paid for the backdrop.

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