Rapping Genius Appropriates Black Anger At The Appropriation Of Black Music

Macklemore white privilege
Image credit: ‘Macklemore’ cropped via Flickr user San Francisco Foghorn license CC BY 2.0.

With the release of his nine minute epic White Privilege II, white-skinned artist Macklemore has solidified his reputation as a true genius according to critics, though they are quick to correct people who think that means they’re saying he’s a good rapper.

“He’s a shit rapper – but he’s a genius appropriator. This takes Macklemore White Privilege to dizzying new heights!”

The song, in which Macklemore ponders his role in the #BlackLivesMatter movement, is already being hailed a masterpiece of the form.

“Whether intentional or not, this is a groundbreaking step in the art of appropriation – namely appropriating the anger of those who’s music has been appropriated.”

Cultural historians couldn’t be more excited about this latest development, which is already being termed ‘meta-propriation’.

“With people are talented as Macklemore around, it’s a shame there aren’t more cultures to appropriate.”

When asked what could be the next meta-ist evolution, they speculate it will take the form of some white dude with a platform appropriating the discussion of Macklemore’s appropriation of black anger at the appropriation of black music.

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