Reinvigorated Democratic Party Confident It Can Woo Russian Trolls In 2020

Fresh from impressive gains in the State of Virginia, leading Democrats are becoming increasingly bullish about their prospects in the next Presidential race, including their ability to sway the all-important Russian troll demographic.

“In the coming months we’ll be reaching out to Russian trolls to find out what matters most to them, and see how we can address their needs within the context of an internationalist socially-progressive outlook.”

Though they know there are many Russian trolls who will never support a Democratic candidate, they say it’s a mistake to think any sector of the electorate is a purely homogenous group where everyone thinks the same.

“Obviously President Trump has an inbuilt advantage as an incumbent with access to the Russian troll’s leader. But we firmly believe we can sway more independent-minded trolls who are on the fence on economic issues and immigration.”

Party leaders have already started learning the Cyrillic alphabet as part of their strategy of winning both the hearts and the minds of as many Russian trolls as possible.

“While it’s important to satisfy the base, it’s pretty clear you can’t take the White House while ignoring this crucial demographic.”

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