Rest Of Country Fine With Trump Continuing To Rule Over Florida

Image credit:'Welcome to Florida sign' by Flickr user DonkeyHotey license CC BY 2.0.

News that President Trump has changed his residency from New York State to Florida has many people suspecting it is for tax reasons, though a new theory has residents of the other 49 states very excited – that he plans to continue ruling over Florida after leaving the White House.

“It makes sense. Perfect sense!”

The idea is proving one of Trump’s most peopular to date, even if he hasn’t thought of it yet.

“He should definitely continue as President there – or Emperor or King of the Florida Men.”

Despite fighting a grueling civil war to preserve the Union in the mid-19th century, the Federal government is expected to take a more relaxed approach in this instance should Trump attempt to impose his rule on the troublesome state.

“Hey, unions are meant to be broken, right?”

All that the remainder of the United States will require is that Trump build an impenetrable wall along the Florida-USA border to keep the two countries entirely separate.

“We hear you like building walls so have at it!”

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  1. Don’t give that man any ideas . A lot of Florida people don’t like him eithier.

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