Rest Of Nation To Boycott Florida Because Florida

Image credit:'Welcome to Florida sign' by Flickr user DonkeyHotey license CC BY 2.0.

Following a number of high-profile boycotts of the State of Georgia over its passage of restrictive abortion laws, the rest of the United States has now agreed to start boycotting Florida.

The boycott appeared to start spontaneously, and is not believed to be tied to the passage of any specific laws.

“It just sort of happened, because Florida…”

The boycott is receiving widespread support, with many enthusiasts wondering why it didn’t happen long ago.

“It just feels so right and obvious.”

Floridians are said to be resigned to the boycott, saying they knew they’ve been pushing their luck for decades.

“If we weren’t Florida we’d be boycotting us too.”

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  1. how stupid can you be? I am from Florida. I am proud of some of the things our state stands for. ironically we are not told who is being quoted.

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