Restaurateurs Introducing Exciting New Concept Called Black Culture To East Liberty

So white, but not for long!

Pittsburgh’s East Liberty neighborhood is about to be introduced to an exciting new concept called ‘Black Culture’ thanks to some enterprising restauranteurs.

“It’s cool, it’s loose, and even a little edgy.”

There’ll also be a musical element to the new dining establishment, based on a genre barely known in Pittsburgh called Hip Hop.

“I hope the youth of East Liberty can keep up!”

But most of all they are delighted to be able to educate a neighborhood known for Starbucks and Whole Foods about one of America’s great cuisines that has passed Pittsburgh by.

“East Liberty will now be the destination for never-before-seen fare like fried chicken and pork ribs slathered in sauce.”

They next plan to bring something called ‘soul food’ to Wilkinsburg and then open a restaurant called ‘Fab’ on Walnut Street that will introduce Shadyside residents to a fun new sexual orientation called being gay.

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