Rick Perry Working On Pronouncing ‘Nuclear’ In Advance Of London Energy Summit

Image credit:'Rick Perry' by Michael Vadon via Commons license CC BY-SA 4.0.

Secretary for Energy Rick Perry is headed to London for a summit on nuclear energy with the Saudis, and is furiously boning up on all things nuclear in preparation.

“First I will practice saying the word correctly, which my fellow Texan George W. Bush assures me is pronounced nu-ku-lur.”

Depending on how well that goes, Perry will then try to learn what ‘nuclear’ means.

“Failing that I’ll just wing it like I did during that debate you all probably remember me from. Can’t promise there won’t be an ‘oops’ or two though.”

He’s been given some tips by physicists at the DOE, and says everything they told him made perfect sense.

“One of them informed me that mass is energy, and I was right there with the guy, because church gets me fired up every time I go!”

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