Robert Mueller Places Order For Giant ‘Mission Accomplished’ Banner

A sign and banner store in the Washington DC area had a little excitement today when former FBI director and Special Counsel Robert Mueller stopped in to place an order.

Owner Daisey Ferrente said they typically only serve the local area’s needs for small store signs and banners for community events, so this order stood out.

“He wanted a really big one, so it must be for something really special – like a grandchild’s graduation.”

Mueller also requested a patriotic backdrop to the banner, not too garish, but stately and reserved.

“That’s when I figured it out – his grandson or granddaughter must be at West Point!”

Ferrante said Mueller told her to have it ready to be picked up any time from a week from now to late summer.

“I guess they haven’t settled on a date and venue for the party yet.”

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