Robert Mueller Stepping Down Because Impeaching Trump Not Challenging Enough

Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller made a surprise announcement today that he is voluntarily resigning his position, as he claims the task of building a case for impeachment of the President is too easy.

“If you just want someone to rubber stamp the obvious, I’m not your man.”

A man of considerable investigative powers, the former Director of the FBI said the job of proving a connection between Russia and the Trump administration was well below his pay grade.

“It doesn’t take much sleuthing to uncover something that’s staring you right in the face.”

Asked if he had found anyone willing to give evidence as to the President’s unsuitability to continue in office, Mueller says he did uncover a stellar witness.

“His name’s Donald and he is giving damning testimony against the President on a daily basis.”

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3 Comments on "Robert Mueller Stepping Down Because Impeaching Trump Not Challenging Enough"

  1. Satire folks.

  2. Mueller needs to give the American people the TRUTH!!! He now knows the truth…..what is he afraid of?

  3. Damn. So the big fat assed hustler gets away with selling out America. Prosecute, prosecute, prosecute. I was counting on you to shaft him like he has shafted everyone he has come in contact with. so the beat goes on and the world r3evoles around the big orange. Sickening.
    I don’t trust my email not being published either. I’ll go to jail for unknown reasons, and the asshole in the WH is just a pickin and a grinning

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