Russians Admit To Tricking Trump By Claiming Their Information Is More Classified

Russian officials confessed today to deliberately fooling U.S. President Donald Trump into revealing classified information using a technique suggested by one of their young children.

During the meeting in the Oval Office, one of them remarked in an offhand fashion that Russia had much more classified information than the United States did and that it was ten times as secret.

The claim rattled Trump, who became obsessed with convincing the Russians that he had the best classified information.

When they remained skeptical, Trump ordered that the most Top Secret documents available be shown to the Russian officials.

They then suggested that Trump didn’t have as many foreign sources as Russia had, prompting the President to release a list of all sources provided by his European allies.

Update: North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has since been in touch to let the White House know that his nuclear weapon blueprints are vastly superior to anything Trump has access to.

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