Russians Sneak Photographer Into White House In Addition To President

I spy something beginning with 'R'

(The White House) Anger was expressed towards the Russian government today after a photographer gained access to a private White House meeting by pretending to merely be the personal photographer of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov during a meeting with President Trump in the White House.

The consternation erupted when photos of the supposedly private meeting, from which the U.S. press had been excluded, were distributed by the Russian State News Agency TASS. Lavrov, however, was puzzled by the outrage:

“We already snuck a President in there and you let that slide so we assumed this would be okay.”

Once he learned that the focus of much of the anger was President Trump himself, Lavrov relaxed.

“In that case I will have my people talk to his people. They are on very close terms so this can be fixed no problem.”

Lavrov then joked that next they will start complaining about the listening devices he had Micheal Flynn install before he was dismissed as National Security Advisor.

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