Ruth Bader Ginsburg Launches Film Critic Career With Review Of “The Dead Zone”

Since facing criticism for her attacks on Donald Trump as being inappropriate and damaging to the Supreme Court, popular liberal Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has promised to stay out of the the 2016 election from now on. She instead intends to keep herself occupied when court is not in session with her new harmless hobby as an amateur film critic.

For her first review, Ginsburg has chosen David Cronenberg’s supernatural thriller “The Dead Zone”, based on Stephen King’s novel of the same name.

When asked why she chose a relatively obscure film from the early 1980s for her inaugural review, she says it’s all about not being one of those ‘obvious’ critics, as well as a reflection of her great appreciation of actor Christopher Walken.

In the movie, Walken plays a coma patient who wakes up to find he has a strange gift – he can see the future and can even intervene to alter it. He is able to prevent a child dying in a house fire, and helps solve a murder.

In the climax, having foreseen that a populist Presidential candidate played by Martin Sheen will win the White House and initiate nuclear armageddon in his unlimited arrogance and depravity, Walken’s character embarks on a lone mission to stop him.

This results is Walken’s character’s tragic death, but he dies happy knowing he has thwarted Sheen’s odious character’s political ambitions and saved the United States from ruin.

Ginsburg gives the movie high praise in her review, awarding it three gavels for being ‘suspenseful’, ‘well plotted’, and ‘possessed of a highly satisfying conclusion’.

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