Sanders Says Trump To Make Decisions Without Input From Intelligence

(The White House) At a hastily arranged briefing yesterday, Sarah Huckabee Sandars revealed a dramatic change in how the President planned to operate in light of recent developments.

“President Trump will be making decisions without the benefit of Intelligence from now on.”

This prompted angry responses of “Duh!” and “Hasn’t he always?”, leaving the room incensed that they were getting nothing new to report on. Sensing she was losing her audience, Sanders sought to clarify what she meant.

“To be clear, the President doesn’t place any stock in Intelligence. You could say that Donald Trump and Intelligence don’t go well together.”

This only created further confusion on the part of the White House Press Pool…

“We know that, Sarah, but why this briefing right now?”

Finally the CNN correspondent in the room understood the source of the confusion and cleared it up for everyone.

“Oh, you mean without input from Intelligence AGENCIES.”

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