Sarah Sanders Confused By Sudden Uproar Over FBI Comments “Nothing I say is based on facts”

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders expressed her puzzlement today over widespread anger about her comments that FBI agents disliked former director James Comey. The uproar began when the Mueller Report revealed that they had no basis in fact whosoever.

“Just like everything I say. Duh!”

Sanders was particularly displeased with journalists acting like they had caught her out in something, which she maintains couldn’t be more not the case.

“I lied. I’m part of the Trump Administration. It’s what we do.”

If anything, she says, they should have gotten on her case if she had said that and it turned out to be substantiated by the facts.

“Then I would be deserving of your scorn for failing so miserably at my job.”

3 Comments on "Sarah Sanders Confused By Sudden Uproar Over FBI Comments “Nothing I say is based on facts”"

  1. Well, it’s a perfect example of tRumps presidency

  2. Sarah Sanders has lost all credibility to do her job…..not that she had any prior to this! She needs to go, just like all the other lying con artists affiliated with this criminal administration.

  3. Is she leaving soon???? She has lied so much that she can no longer look anyone in the eye. Look closely , her eyes point in opposite directions from avoiding contact. What a useless excuse for a human. Sad thing is she can’t blame the job. She was a scuss ball like her dad before she got there.

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