Satan Reportedly Upset Over Frequent Comparisons To Steve Bannon

SO NOT FAIR! (Image credit: Bannon insert by Flickr user Mike Licht license CC BY 2.0.)

The Lord Of The Underworld, a.k.a. Satan, is said to be nursing hurt feelings over the many comparisons to Steve Bannon he has read about over the course of the past few weeks.

Speaking in a halting voice that betrayed just how much it had upset him, the Prince of Darkness requested that people cease lumping him together with someone so vile.

The Devil was especially offended at the implication that he was as racist as Bannon, saying he tries his best to dole out misery evenly but admits he often gets it wrong.

Though Lucifer admits his appearance can be jarring to some, he also maintains he doesn’t deserved to be compared visually to Bannon either, something friends say he finds particularly cruel.

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