Scientists Confirm Trump’s Coronavirus Lies Are Displaying Exponential Growth

Scientists analyzing President Trump’s press conferences on the coronavirus pandemic released their findings today, which they say confirm what they suspected – that the President’s lying is displaying exponential growth.

“Back in January we only observed the occasional lie, like that the coronavirus is a Democratic hoax. But Trump’s lies on the subject have been doubling every three days since then.”

Though it’s hard for our minds to comprehend, that doubling is the hallmark of the phenonemon called exponential behavior.

“This is why we are now hearing thousands of coronavirus lies from the President each and every day.”

They say all efforts by Dr. Fauci and others to try to ‘flatten the curve’ have failed. But the researchers are confident a limit will eventually be reached due to the fundamental realities of human biology.

“The anatomy of the mouth means it can only put out so many lies in day, which will probably end up being the rate-limiting factor in this case.”

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