Scorcese Filming Irishman Prequel With Same Cast Using De-Aging Technology

Following the enormous success of The Irishman, director Martin Scorcese revealed today that he is already filming “Irishman II: The Formative Years” that will explore the childhoods of the characters in the hit film.

“Fortunately everyone in the original cast is on board to play their characters from age 3 through their mid-teens.”

Scorcese dismissed criticisms that the physical movements of his long-in-the-tooth-cast will not look realistic.

“When you see the scene where Frank Sheehan learns to walk you will swear it was a real toddler up on the screen and not Bob.”

Critics who been given a sneak peak of the dailies are already raving over Joe Pesci’s performance as Russell Bufalino during his time in a daycare facility.

“You’d expect him to throw the mother of all tantrums to get his way, but instead he just stares at you sending a chill down your spine.”

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