Scott Pruitt Redeems Himself By Ridding EPA Of Foul Dangerous Toxin

Scott Pruitt has long been labelled an enemy of the Environmental Protection Agency that President Trump tapped him to lead, with many saying he was determined to destroy it from within.

However environmentalists were heaping praise on Pruitt today after he personally got rid of a dangerous pollutant that ironically was directly affecting the EPA building itself in addition to many of the nation’s most delicate ecosystems.

“For many months a vile putrid stench has hung over these places like a bad dream that his recent cleanup efforts have eradicated.”

They say no matter how disappointed they may have been in him up until now, he deserves credit for working to banish such a oily destructive toxin.

“It must have been so unpleasant to have to get to close to it.”

However EPA staff scientists are concerned about a curious and disturbing new phenomenon that appears to be happening.

“We are noticing that when you get rid of one noxious pollutant, another seems to appear in its place almost immediately.”

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