Sean Spicer Leaving White House To Assume Directorship Of Holocaust Museum

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer is set to vacate the podium that made him a favorite target on SNL. Despite initial rumors that he will take on another role within the Trump administration, he will actually be leaving to take up a position as director of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Though Spicer may seem an unusual, if not insane, choice for the job, he does fit the bill in one hugely important regard according to those overseeing the job search.

“It’s vital we have a director who can keep the Holocaust in the public eye, and Sean Spicer certainly knows how to do that.”

Spicer won’t start straight away, but will first go on a training program to learn such facts as that the Nazis used chemical weapons quite a lot, and that despite Basher Assad being a very nasty murderous individual, Hitler was even worse.

“Don’t worry – he’s going to be tested on all of it before he takes over officially.”

One of the museum’s biggest concerns is that young people these days don’t seem aware enough of the tragic events of World War Two, and in Spicer they feel they have someone who can relate to that.

“We also figure he knows a thing or two about authoritarians who like to tell giant whoppers.”

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