Senator Burr Forced To Dump Stock Using Desktop After FBI Confiscates Phone

SENATE BRIEFING: With his smartphone confiscated by the FBI, Senator Richard Burr (R) was forced to revert to using the desktop version of his preferred online trading platform today. He admitted having some difficulty after having gotten used to using the app version.

“It’s amazing how quickly you forget!”

Though he’s glad he’s still able to make trades based on information he gets priviledged access to, he does miss the convenience of app-based trading.

“The great thing about the smartphone is you can dump the stock right there in the committee meeting.”

For now, Burr says he’ll have to wait until he gets to his office where he can do it on his desktop, albeit with difficulty. Another thing he says he struggles with is understanding Dr Richard Bright’s testimony which he blames on the hearing room’s acountics. That why he’s requested the coronavirus whistle blower give him a brief summary beforehand.

“Just let me know the gist of what you’re going to say before the morning bell – I mean 9am.”

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